Married Ex seeking illicit love


Village Elder
Wadau there's this gal I dated many years ago but we parted ways. Then life happened and both of us got married. Just recently we reconnected at a function, exchanged digits and the chats began in earnest. Of course there is the rekindled memories and taking each other down memory lane and all the nine miles, you know. Then she has been asking for some 'our' time away from our families, but really that doesn't worry me, the 2 things that worry me are; (1). In our discussions the longer the time that can be available, the better. Actually she's been asking for, in her own words, 'at least' four days. I asked her how the 'other side' will manage during the period and the excuses she will give, and she says she will take care of that, and it should be the least of my worries. She has 3 kids already and am thinking, what happened between mothers and their kids that this one would be comfortable away? (2). We never really had a great time together coz we were both job seeking, and we didn't have a lot of what you would call very luxurious events, outings and that kind of isht that makes the wonderful memories out there. Just a normal after campo relationship.

Although I know the rules of another man's wife within the village, yenyewe hii lazima nionje (after all these chats I have settled this with my conscience), so my questions to the thinkers here is not whether I should or should not, but what they think are the reasons for this kind of behaviour with the fairer sex, whom I thought were more conservative in dishing it out? Is this something that happens many times or is this a very rare exception?

Wale wa kutaka mbisha, not now, we are talking about someone's wife here.
Jibu to your Question... Mlikua mnakulana during suffering, and now majamaa your relaxed +mmeshiba sasa, hii si ile kudinyana ya njaa you were accustomed to so you had to conserve energy for ur morning trek to tarmac, she wants that, by the are u Kambas, wao husemaheri watu wakose chakula na kitu yeyote lakini siyo hiyo chakula ya roho(NGONO)