Married Men

Azor Ahai

Village Elder
Mbona anakubali vile bibi anasema
Kama ni beta male atasikiza bibi na yeye ndiye ataumia. Ule najua alishahama so his goose is cooked. Akinihustle rent tena nitamnyima afungiwe nyumba so that apate akili and grow a pair. Huwezi kuwa unafanya kila kitu bibi yako anadai alafu unasumbua watu end month. Mwanamke umezalisha ni rahisi sana kucontrol hata juu hata ukimlenga hawezi enda mahali.
When I advice women not to marry men who have no money or men beneath them you say I am telling them to be gold diggers. Well, life costs money. To live a good life you need money. So when you marry and have 2 kids for a man who can only afford a 1 BR house rental, which you can afford by yourself as a single woman, what are you doing? What kind of desperation is that? And just mark my words after borrowing people money to rent a 2 BR house the stress will start mounting and then the guy will become abusive, turn to alcohol or even leave the woman to look for a cheaper woman. Or the push and pull may end in her prostituting herself, him finding out and killing her and even the kids. Nothing good comes out of dating and marrying and having kids with broke asses. Nothing. I have seen this scenario enough times and it never ever ends well.


Village Sponsor
Nothing new... Your friend is just another instance of women extracting resources from men.. Being married means that you cannot say NO to resource extraction by le wife.

In short, marriage is a resource extraction scheme for women. It means free money, free food, and free housing for le wife in exchange of breeding rights and periodic star-fish sex depending on the mood of le wife..
starfish sex ni kukaa tu ndeeeeee kama starfish aka kifo cha mende sex
starfish ni settings.

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