Martha Karua vs Minji Minji


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she should have gone for senator and women rep na ashikiliane na sweetie. she'd have revived her career.

but under her ministry, anglo leasing was never investigated, constitution was never delivered (it came when Mutula was there) and she was a reformer who got into govt and sang minimum reforms and refused to make constitutional reforms (pre-2007). just like Kiraitu.

goodbye Martha. It was good while it lasted. Now move on.

Mr. Krab

Senior Villager
Minji is a very strong candidate put before all other leaders in Kikuyus Areas....She would have decapitated any other Candidate in Central (Kikuyu & Embu areas) except Múthamaki.
Her petition has just been thrown out on a technicality!
Her political career is now truly in the dustbin. She's a good person but she miscalculated her importance and chances.
Kikikikikiki! Karua has wasted millions this year: hopeless campaigns, horrible elections, useless legal challenges, pathetic petition. May she rust in infernal piss.