Marubani, Waht is the difference between Jet Fuel and Paraffin/Kerosine? Why Use Neutical Miles instead of Miles or Kilometers?

Mafuta ya ndege na mafuta ya taa tofauti ni gani? Octane rating ama nini?
Different additives.
There are three types of Kerosene in Kenya.
Dual Purpose Kerosene which has zero additives.
Parrafin which has only anti rust added to it.
Jet fuel is Kerosene with metal deactivates, antifreeze, detergent etc

Tom Bayeye

Kinyozi wa Stima
nautical miles -in flying and sailing The nautical mile is one minute of latitude i.e equal to one minute of arc around the sphere of Earth. It is longer than a mile (equal to 1.151 miles) . Knowing your latitude you also know the factor to determine what one minute of longitude is,helps to quickly read charts since there's no physical geographical points of refference
jet fuel-, unleaded kerosene (Jet A-1), with other additives injected into the mix
parrafin- a flammable hydrocarbon produced from petroleum oil.