Masaibu ya Mzee Swazuri


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In Summary

National Land Commission former chairman Muhammad Swazuri, and over a dozen other ex-officials and businesspeople have been arrested over alleged corruption.

Their arrests are linked to fraudulent compensation for land acquired by the commission for the construction of the Mombasa Southern Bypass and Kipevu New Highway Container Terminal link road in 2013.

The land belonging to Tornado Carriers Limited was initially valued at Sh34,501,110 in 2015 but the commission ended up paying Sh109,769,363 after Dr Swazuri ordered a second valuation.

NLC was compulsorily acquiring the piece of land on behalf of the Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA).


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Shida ya swaruzi ni arrogance and greed. Somehow he thought being a chair of constitutional body makes him immune to prosecution. I'm not surprised by that line of thought, even mwilu thinks being dcj make her above court prosecution, why? They have the same lawyer ojiendo representing them. Each time their cases get to court they would ask for a constitutional direction from a higher court whether "they could even be prosecuted". So he made enemies at DPP office and now that he is retired he will face dozens of court cases to make sure he becomes a permanent resident of kamiti. Paying ojienda 30-50 million to grease corridors of justice will not work in all those cases. He left the commission having achieved a billionaire status.