Masaibu ya uganda


Village Elder
My main chic received a call from a family friend that he has been given some cash by her dad and she was to pick it at malaba the following day.
Back then there was no mpesa and we relied on western union and money gram when it came to cash transfer.
We were in Malaba by noon waiting for our guy to arrive. We did some shopping with the money in our pockets nikabaki na mia sita.
At six the dude to said he is approaching bungoma and told us to book a room as we wait for him.
We got a text from him at 10 telling us to pray for him since ameshikwa na polisi kwa roadblock and since his phone was off we felt it better we sleep tumtafute asubuhi.
In my pocket i had ksh105 between me and poverty. We took breakfast nikabaki na 5bob.
since our guy was off we went to mama na police station to check whether he was booked there. The Ocs sympathized with us and enquired from the neighbouring police but he wasn't there. That's when we new we have been fucked up.
Being a sunday there was no way we could get cash from home. We opted to call a friend from uganda atuletee fare.
Kama tumeketi kwa bench my gal received a call. A Swahili guy who was seated next to me started asked me started to vibe me. He thought Iam of Somali decent and told me he is a trucker. He was God sent cuz he bought us lunch and offered us a ride in his truck.
We had a stop over in naluwelele where they decided 'tunyooshe miguu tukipewa mbili tatu'
Tulifika our home town and the guy and his crew bought more alcohol and as we biz them bye they gave us 100$ note.
Msanii and his crew i will forever be thankful.