Massive Explosion in Central Paris

Meria Mata

Village Chief
Suspected gas leak triggers major blast in central Paris, reports of injuries (WATCH LIVE)
Published time: 12 Jan, 2019 08:32Edited time: 12 Jan, 2019 09:08
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Firefighters evacuate an injured person after the explosion in central Paris © Thomas SAMSON / AFP

A powerful explosion occurred in the central district of Paris on Saturday morning, police confirmed. Reports say several people were injured, while a suspected gas leak is believed to have caused the blast.
The explosion took place on the Rue de Trevise, causing fire and chaos on the adjacent streets, local witnesses and journalists report.

Pictures and videos posted online show plumes of smoke and flames slowly consuming one of the buildings. Witnesses on the ground say many still need medical assistance.
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Police have confirmed “a strong explosion” urging people to keep away from the area and make way for emergency vehicles.

© Thomas SAMSON / AFP
Preliminary reports from the site indicate several people were injured, although there are no official updates on the situation yet.

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Just heard a huge explosion and shattering glass in paris #acteIX #GiletsJaunes

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According to French media, the blast, possibly ignited by a gas leak, occurred inside a bakery situated in Paris’ 9th district.

© Thomas SAMSON / AFP
The area, located on the right bank of the River Seine, is home to several places of interest, including the Paris Opera, Boulevard Haussmann, and the Theatre de Paris