Matiang'i atajua Hajui


Village Elder
Jakuonist desperation and schemes emerge in true colours as they clutch onto fake news. The bad news for them is that the destruction of property and the commission of crimes will still leave Jakuon out in political Siberia.


Village Elder
1.How can a police run away when the opponent has a machete.
2. It makes no sense if the arsonists, in a highly guarded home, would leave it without any battle whatsoever.
3. Matiangi is unperturbed by this, he has enough cash to build a new home. He's a cabinet minister in 2 ministries. C'mon
4. Elections are on 26th, and I have to vote regardless of what happens in a home miles in Kisii
honestly i fail to understand where the this fervent hatred for fellow countrymen comes from, i thought the constitution envisages the spirit of undugu , its so wrong on so many levels....