Matiangi WARNING (admean take heed)


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The guy was probably innocent. He may have been a stranger in the area hence the reason Matiangi says he is still unknown. Such horror happened a to neighbor of mine who had ventured into Kisii land for greener pastures some few years ago. Alikatakatwa na villagers same style.
This is something that has been happening. That's why the onlookers are unmoved by the heinous act. Someone had the audacity even to record the whole gory event.


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Only trained personell can intervene to stop a panga wielding man, hapo sioni kama onlookers wako na makosa
Those onlookers are guilty, from the statement, the victim has not been identified, implying those present have a code of silence not to give information to authorities(OMERTA).


Kenyans are savages, its about time Matiangi clamp down on this madness called Mob Justice.

Kwanza hizi boda guys

Didn't you almost get carjacked a few years ago? Mob justice exists because our police system is unreliable and our court system is corrupted.
I don't agree with what happened in Shinyalu but I have no pity for thieves because thieves become murderers.


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The thing that irks me ni ati kunaeza kuwa na watoi wanapita, what kind of culture do this people practice? Alafu unaskia wajinga wengine hapa wakiexcuse ati ni ju ya panga ama kukuliwo bibi, watu wako na watoto wao nyumbani.
In that video, there was a mtoi watching as the guy akikatakatwa.