Mbona haniitishi ufunguo? A question for the pink handlers


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Especially for the female handlers..

Me and my favourite babymomma we are at it again in our "on again off again" Relationship.
We've been separated for the past three years but ni kama ambapo hatuwezagi kuwachana and move on.
We have two kids between us by the way.
We were together for more than 12 years lakini been living apart for the last three juu we got to that stage where you start getting physical with each other..
I always promised myself that I would Nefa efa bring up my kids in such an environment!

Anyhow, beginning of this year we rekindled our romance (AGAIN!) and kidogo ma u- lovey dovey and you think you're steady mpaka we swapped keys za keja.
I gave her mine and got hers and it was really cool juu I had unlimited access to the kids and she had unlimited access to my cock!

All good until the next big fight!!!!

That's where I'm at at the moment!
Since kitu three weeks ago we had a fight over the way she was dressing up akienda job.
She is a nurse and I know when she's getting attention from males at work, yeye huanza attitude na kuvaa sexy akienda job!

Nikamwambia and it was a massive row mpaka ameni-block Kwa simu na WhatsApp.

Back to the point, normally under such circumstances, yeye hudai ati give me back my keys, take your stuff etc..

Lakini this time she hasn't!

Ladies, what do you think is going on in her head?
Do you think she loves me?
What should I do next juu time is passing and though I still see the kids when she is at work, i don't necessarily feel welcome there anymore.

Pink handlers please advise.

Matusi will not be entertained.


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I think she's past the point of caring or she's accepted you're always going to be a part of her life since you share kids. Since it's not the first fight and you've always made up anyway, it's nothing serious. Sometimes women just want their breathing space or it could be hormones. Is this the Zulu ex wife ama?


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She wants to fix you once and for all coz shes realised hata wewe uko na umama. She must be soliciting for assasins to send you 6ft under. Be careful when a woman is silent yet you are not in good terms. Anytime before you spend a night on her bed check around for an hidden knife, could also be an option

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila.Cast your vote!

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila.Cast your vote!

Sometimes... You'd rather... No act entitled before you fully cement your position in her life... It's one of two things.. Maybe she feels you are too entitled.. Or maybe she wants you but doesn't want to conform to your African Uptight "ways"
All in all, don't be the sissy in the relationship, stand your ground and ignore her tantrums but either way asert your dominance... Your life should go on as usual.. Ud be suprised how women bend to the will of dominants. If you are to say sorry, don't say it twice, and if you feel you are correct... Go about your days unconcerned

You know what they say about a hot surface, "if you accidentally touch a hot surface and burn yourself, be sure to immediately touch it again to assert your dominance over it, it will adjust to your temperature"

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila. Cast your vote!