Mchague mmoja....zaidi wewe ni fisi!

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@Mwenyewe i am very disappointed in you and every man here on KTalk,
Dont you people have sisters and female relatives? How would you feel if you saw pictures of them in compromising positions posted here?
You all need to grow up!
I was looking at that picture with the 2 cuties and i was thinking; if i had a threesome with them,you can shoot me after that,i will have lived a full life. 106992_03_x_20130106135059.jpg

Alafu huyu hapa...... JESSO wa Matuini!!!!!!!
It would be rude and ungrateful to wear a condom....kwani utakufa mara ngapi.?...Eish... 127136_05_1_20130612133320.jpg
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