Me Or Njambi??????


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I’ve never quite gotten a clear view of her pu**y in real life. My closest experience was right after our office cocktail in Westi last year. In two weekends (in succession). A lot of the people there were adults and I knew nothing much about that company. I didn’t like Indian food either. So I preferred to sit in one corner where us other low level employees used to sit. I fit there perfectly since I was just an intern. All we did was have the abundant cocktails that were being served free…at least to forget the days of mistreatment we got before and were going to get after the “no rules Friday” and stare at the fortunate few who had decent titles in the office. I sympathized with the other juniors a lot. I could feel the hatred burning in their eyes as they stared at Njambi (The Deputy HR and also the CFO’s good looking daughter who rose up the ranks ……..bila degree. She’s a form four leaver.) We watched her as she was introduced to akina Bitange Ndemo.....the Somen brothers and all the wazito of the IT sector.

“Such a Bitch!!” I found myself saying out of the blues. Oops My bad. Sometimes my tongue just slips. It was then that I heard the voice on my left as I put down a saucer of half-eaten samosa. “Did you mean it?” Alice asked as she giggled a bit. “What? No…zi zi zi…just some lyrics to some song I was trying to crum.” I hope she believed that. I was playing it safe tu! Alice is the snitch in the office and very unpopular as much as we get along. We rode to the cocktail together. I offered to pick her up. Anyway...back to the story. Since I was tired I decided that I am going to chill in the car so I told her to find me in the basement when she is sick of this hell hole.

I was listening to capital when I dosed off. I was only awakened by the sound of Alice tapping my car window. 'Lets go to my digz and chill kiasi' she said as she entered the passenger side. We drove through town and made it to South C. She stays at an SQ. So she karibishaz me and pours a glass of Ribena. Save for her brown teeth she looked sexy when she loosened up her hair and talked with some hoarse whisper. I don’t know if its turning me on or its making me laugh. “I know you wont be around me for that long!” she said. “Why do you say that? I plan to stick around after internship if they offer me a deal” I tried to comfort her much to her relief. We gossiped a bit more as she rubbed my chest and played with the back of my ears.

I knew she wanted some. I kissed her lightly and after two kisses or so…she sort of backs off. Yeah. What the hell was I thinking? “Sorry…took it too far” I said as I took another sip of my Ribena. It was only 10 minutes later that she told me to call her when I reach home that she grabbed my hand again as I was putting the glass onto the sink while heading for the door. She smiled a bit and knelt. Loosened up my belt. Kissed the tip. I trembled in disbelief as the chills shocked through my spine. She massaged the d*ck a bit and smiled in awe of the physique. Not too long not too short. A bit thick at the middle. “Ive never touched one in my life” she said as she felt it passionately. She found herself braving her self-inflicted discomfort as she thrust my whole length down her throat. I could feel her choking baka it scared me. I held her forehead at a safe distance to shelter her from any embarrassment. She began to get used to it and began loving it. She now smiled as she sucked me off. She moaned a bit too. She undid her bra and rubbed her tits on me in quick succession with a thrust back in her mouth. A lot of guess work but funny enough ilikuwa inaingiana.

I parted her thighs slowly and she stared at me blankly in approval. She took it off by herself once the panty had reached down her ankles. She asked me twice if its going to be painful. “Yeah…..Siwezi ka-kuenjoii!! Ni uchungu!” I said as I looked at her face…eyebrows up and all. Why lie anyway.

The next 15 minutes were a lot of fondling and a lot of “We cant do this” to a lot of “f**k it!!! Just shove it up in me”. This was all with lights out since she was not sooooooooo confident about her looks. The little light from the security light outdoor is what I was relying on. I could manage to see a tattoo of a star around her belly. I like her belly. It was like those of the lingala dancers we see on STV. Just moderate enough to give you some entertainment when she shakes her body. Not to big. In fact anything bigger would be a turn-off. It was bulging a bit in front of the upper most button of her skirt. I kissed it and felt it. It was so soft and cuddly. I kissed the belly ring and fondled it with my tongue. She moaned a bit more.

I rubbed my beaker up and down her slit as she moaned and gripped my elbows a bit more. It let out that wet sound the faster I did it. She was halfway in between moaning and crying but her mouth was wide-open with eyes closed. I knew it was time for my first shot. She quitened in suspense as I brought in my d*ck head first. That’s deep enough she said as she gripped my waist to hold me out. I went in and out slow motion and It accommodated me deeper the more I did that. She twitched a bit as I changed the angles slightly in ever new thrust. I pushed her on beyond her limit and this got easier the longer we fucked. Now it was just to adjust the tempo.

I rubbed on her belly as I felt the bottom of my length tap her pu**y lips…my bals slumming on it microseconds later. She was now enjoying it and begging for more. I was landing on it so hard she could feel it moving in her ninii. We did a bit of doggy……. A bit of errr…anyway we ended up back on her lying with her back on the floor as I did my zero gravity move. It was like I was hovering over her as her legs were in the air apart. Her screams tore through the cold South-C night…..even the dogs were quiet in shock. Her legs were really virating as I took off my member and rubbed it on her now brazen clit…rubbed it with my dickhead in anticlockwise then clockwise motions as the first blast flew out. It drew some sort of letter Y pattern with a vertical stick in the middle…all the way up her belly. It became a volkswagon sign as the last few threads of baby batter painted her. She massaged it a bit and pulled it back in to my shock. I continued pumping semi hard for another 6 minutes. When I was just getting back my hard she was just blasting off. The noise wawawawaawa!!!! Her characteristic short short ohhhs became longer aaaaaaahhhhhs!!! Which grew longer and quieter until she went on offpeak. She grabbed me and hugged me in gratitude as I collapsed on her bossom. “Yani Odhis hii kitu ni tamu hivi?” She asked and I just burst out laughing. “Ngoja next time!” I said to her as I shook my head smiling.

I cuddled Alice a bit more during which time she rubbed her boobs on my face and asked me. “Who fucks better? Me or Njambi??” I don’t know how that secret ever got out!! I was shell shocked. “Alice? Its you!! Of course!” I said as I kissed her forehead. She smiled cheekily as she agreed with me. The next Monday Njambi really avoided me in the office. Yelled at the tea girl and greased cell meeting. That was the end of the lunch boxes and foil wrapped niceties of her favorite recipes or take away pizza she used to bring me everyday. f**k!! Now Lunch is back in my budget. I hate chips maze!!!

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