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  1. Pato_Verified

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    Each of the symbols mentioned above shows the Kind of data connection that you are connected at and this varies according to the speed and Mark features of each ISP.
    Below is a summary of each connection and the download/Upload speed.
    G = 14KBps
    E = 48KBps
    3G = 395KBps
    H = 1.75MBps
    H+ = 21MBps
    4G = 37MBps
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  2. Liberty

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  3. wildfrank

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    asanta and welkam to ktalk...
  4. mpotorico

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    Mpe kiti bro
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    5G coming soon
  7. snapdragon

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    Thats wht they say but ni ngumu kuona 3G+ imefika 2MBps ata kama uko hapo chini ya booster yao.fuk 5G
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  8. Fr. Lingwangwa

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    Those are the maximum speeds only achieved in the labs.