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How come they are thinking on the same shitty wavelength
Birds of a feather Meria do their shit in the same way. I can log onto Twitter simultaneously with as many as four different devices.
Twitter doesn't even ask you to confirm if it's really you when you are logging in with other devices. Anyone with your user name and password can do it from wherever.
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Mtanjua hamnjui.

Since legislators don't legislate anymore this is what they will do until next election.

Randomly pick any Hansard from the 1970s read a few pages. Pick one from last five years and compare... Tunacheswo

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila.Cast your vote!


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Jubiliots wamecatch juu ya story za puppy conveniently forgetting that on numerous occasions, reference has been made to The monkey trader, babuon, jakuon, ******* etc. Smdh. A puppy is more cute compared to say a baboon. Given an option, I would rather be a puppy than be a baboon ama namna gani my frens?

Who will win the 2022 elections? Ruto vs Raila. Cast your vote!