18+ mecho ingare

@gashwin is right. Let me try and illuminate it further.
The Gikuyu believed and still believe that one gets sick,gets treated and gets healed. But should the same disease come back to afflict you,you will surely die.
Hence the quote by @Thagichu that wamùcoka nìguo ùrìaga mùndù.
In effect,@Thagichu is saying that you had successfully or so you thought,cured your umama tendencies. But alas,here you are with umama again. He thinks hii umama umekuridia na sasa umebakisha kununua pucci uwekwe thru plastic surgery.

In totally unrelated matters,pic 1,2,4, and 20, that woman face is ugly. No wonder she can not allow for a full frontal face shot...shot! Hehehe