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Image from page 39 of "Women of all nations, a record of their characteristics, habits, manners, customs and influence;" (1908)

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^35 been largely taken—Widowhood. , , m advance — by savages. For them a widow, especially one in the early stages of mourning, is a very dangerous person. It is not that her charms are so very overpowering—her husbands relatives see to that; and she has often to smear her face with a filthy compound, or, horribile dictu, to carry her deceased husbands mouldering remains on her back. Authorities are not agreed as towhy the widow is so dangerous : some think that the ghost of the dead man is supposed

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Photograph by S:, ~i^s: KAVIRONDO WOMEN, UGANDA PROTECTORATE.Showing the tail worn as a sign o( marriage. to hang round her somehow ; others think that our savage brethren look on death as something contagious which can be communicated by the corpse, or anyone who-has had to do with a corpse, to an other entirely healthy person. However this may be, the widow has avery unhappy time of it, even if her satis-faction at her husbands death be un-alloyed. But in other parts of the world people are, or were, less merciful : the deadman needs an attendant in the future life,and the most suitable person to serve him is his widow ; so in India and Africa the unfortunate woman was compelled to sacrifice herself, or was sacrificed nolens volens,so that her lord and master might be recognised as a man;of worth in the land of souls. For the benefit of advocates of womens rights, it may be mentioned that mere man has not had it all his own way in the matter of suttee.

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Title: Women of all nations, a record of their characteristics, habits, manners, customs and influence;

Year: 1908 (1900s)

Authors: Joyce, Thomas Athol, 1878-1942 Thomas, Northcote Whitridge, 1868-

Subjects: Women

Publisher: London, New York [etc.] : Cassell and Company, limited

Contributing Library: University of California Libraries

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