Media personalities who were divorsed for cheating

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1. Lillian Muli – Everyone
knows that Citizen TV’s news
anchor, Lillian Muli, is no longer
married to her husband Mr.
Kanene. Lillian is rumored to be
dating Shabana FC’s boss.
2. Cynthia Nyamai – The
former business anchor was
recently stripped naked by her
ex-husband Mr. Makuyu live on
national TV for cheating on him
during their short marriage
3. Adelle Onyango – Well she
may not have cheated but her
long time fiancé broke their
engagement after he went to bed
with another woman and
impregnated her
4. Bonoko – The former Ghetto
radio presenter dumped his
fiancé just months to their
wedding for cheating on him.
5.Ann Kiguta – The Citizen TV’s
news anchor had a bad marriage
and ended up leaving her baby
daddy. She is currently engaged
and is set to be married again
6. TerryAnn Chebet – She was
once married and although that
part of her life is not well known,
she divorced her husband for
reasons well known to her.
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