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  1. MaryJane

    MaryJane Village Elder

    Guka, who is Debates Kenya? I understand it's not mainstream media.
  2. Kasighau

    Kasighau Village Elder

    It's a group of bigass media personalities who saw an opportunity to milk through advertisers. They formed the group. Then They bought airplay in all major networks and waited at Cuea with pails to milk. But the cows were a no show.
  3. It's Le Scumbag

    It's Le Scumbag Village Elder

    The egg on their face. Ostrich egg. It will take forever to clean up...
    And they wanna give who a black out? This is like kicking the only doc who treats ya diarrhoea in the gut.
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  4. Chloe

    Chloe Village Elder

    Last edited: Jul 17, 2017
  5. Ubongo

    Ubongo Village Elder

    They have insisted that the presidential debate will still be conducted on 24..It's like they aren't winning
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  6. Eng'iti

    Eng'iti Village Elder

    @amun dont drag weed into this. :)
    Thank you, Proceed.
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  7. Meria Mata

    Meria Mata Village Chief

    The black out has begun, was on KTN news and no news on the Jubilee or NASA campaigns today.
    They are sore losers.
    Nimathie makiumaga
  8. FieldMarshal CouchP

    FieldMarshal CouchP Village Sponsor

    He he he he he he! Wacha wajaribu. Itakuwa through pass for Muthamaki with his Makeii-Twendi Foo, Kameme, KBC, countless Gikuyu TV and rendio steshons etc.

    Nasa is ferked..................
  9. MaryJane

    MaryJane Village Elder

    Lets see how long they can hold off.
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  10. epoch

    epoch Village Elder

    Walete business na sports news. But kuna kaunga fulani hua napata from one of the media companies. They are still relevant whether you like it or not. Viewers, you don't have powers.
  11. Ruffneck

    Ruffneck Village Elder

    media blundered when they did not send official invites to the candidates. That is lack of decorum, and they'll pay for it.
  12. Eng'iti

    Eng'iti Village Elder

    kunywa uji ulale
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  13. spear

    spear Village Sponsor

    The rise and rise of Ebru TV.

    I usually watch it and K24 TV. Even KBC has really improved.

    Hapana tambua takataka ya crooked media. Let them boycott campaigns so that my friend upcoming station can get more campaign cash.
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  14. Chloe

    Chloe Village Elder

    So the Media organisers were biased!!!??! They had set aside classic seats for Chameleon and Deputy President while poor Hon. Kariara had to stand through out the debate with his drinking water kept under the table?

    Preferential treatment?

    Talk of eating their own shiet style ya @Kihii Kiaganu
  15. denis young

    denis young Village Elder

    Kwanza kuna msupa ka KBC I know personally... I only watch coz of her...pia K24 si mbaya na wale wasupa wamejaa huko...
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  16. spear

    spear Village Sponsor

    In KBC I know personally, two presenters. I wouldn't mention them since one is now married and the other in a serious relationship. Raw talents at its best without hype.
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  17. Okwonkwo

    Okwonkwo Village Sponsor

    :D :D :D ati alifichiwa maji chini ya meza. in fact they should pay the guy for showing up for the interview. I hope he gets the job since he was the only interviewee
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  18. Okwonkwo

    Okwonkwo Village Sponsor

    lakini umeshawakamua?
  19. Rene Descartes

    Rene Descartes Village Elder

    Mbona mnafurahia failure ya watu wengine? Hii post inaonyesha vile binadamu ni shiet.
    lakini kutotuma official invitation ni arrogance of the highest order. I also dont attend events I am not invited to.
  20. Malaika Firth

    Malaika Firth Village Elder

    the winners are both camps of jubilee and nasa because they have escaped being grilled on hard questions including corruption and the rule of law...Arap mashamba is smiling in his sleep..the losers are you the mwananchi because you have lost the only once chance you had to see your candidates articulate their vision for the country and being held accountable by you the mwananchi...the media well hata sahii you are laughing at them while being tuned in on the debate that was not to be flipping stations from one channel to the other compalining but you are still tuned in watching their adverts