Meet This Burned Beauty Queen With A Valid Dream Of Becoming The Next Miss Uganda (Photos)

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Aisha Nabukeera whom many Ugandans know her from her near death experience when she was in her early teens is in the running to becoming the next Miss Uganda after she joined the contest yesterday a move that surprised many.

The reason to this surprise is because she under went a very traumatic childhood which was resulted by being burnt with paraffin at the age of 13 in the hands of a cruel step mother.

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It is great that she has taken her misfortune in stride, however I don't think that competing in a beauty pageant is the right platform for her to take part in as decisions are primarily based on looks and the other factors are usually there to get rid of the airheads . How do you judge such a contest without hurting her emotions and not looking like beast??


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I know conyestants shouldnt have scars but she is here to rewrite rules. power to her! she will make us rethink and redefine beauty
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