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  1. gikuyu

    gikuyu Senior Villager

    vipi Wadau.

    I don't get it!There is a peculiar behavior by certain ninjas,may be through discourse here i can gather a thing or two.

    I have noticed WhatsApp has an App where you can upload your photo for approximately 24 hours.Fine not a bad thing,my contention is,mbona wanaume wana compete ku weka ma selfie zao hapo kila wakati?what is a man of average years between 25-35yrs doing updating his photos every day.

    Another phenomenon is Instagram.Unapata a grown ass men competing with women who are obsessed with taking selfies to pose in Instagram,posting food ,airports,car keys et al.I will not dare divulge into Facebook.
    Gentlemen lets cut the this crap bana.
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  2. old monk

    old monk Moderator Staff Member

    Wewe ndio unashida why did you view those posts then complain

    Social media ni kitu kubwa follow your interests instead.
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  3. captain obvious

    captain obvious Village Elder

    Kuna kibaba nilikuwa naheshimu sana, juu kina hata kitambi. Once we became friends on social media, it was like I had befriended a teenage girl trapped in a kitambi'd idiot's body. Kila siku ng'ombe inaeka selfie ka tano. Akitembea, akiwa kazini, akienda lunch, akiwa kwa traffic, akilewa...aiiiiii. Had to unfriend that mofo.
    Lakini za IG @The.Black.Templar anaeza tuelezea zaidi.
  4. Afro

    Afro Village Elder

    This is my take on social media..

    1. People who spend to much time in it end up feelin depressed thinking others have better lives than them
    2. people who constantly update others on their where abouts are usually lying about the kind of places they usually hang out,labda alikua ameenda tu kuuliza bei ya pizza.
    3. its a place for people with inferiority complex seeking approval from strangers and quantify it based on number of likes they get.
    4. its a place people show off, Even with things they dont necessarily own. E.g ule jamaa alikimbizwa kama burukenge after attempting to take a selfie na hayabusa sio yake. Probably for social media
  5. Slim_fit

    Slim_fit Village Elder

    inakuwaga immashurity
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  6. gikuyu

    gikuyu Senior Villager

    me nime sema i don't understand mbona wanaume wana compete na ma dem..me nadhani ma picha ni za madem.Mwanaume ni picha moja kwa miezi kadha.
    my opinion.
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  7. gikuyu

    gikuyu Senior Villager

    whats your take on beautiful chiqs who keep on posting,na wakana ma chali and average salary.
  8. Afro

    Afro Village Elder

    One word, narcissists
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  9. Phylgee

    Phylgee Village Elder

    Let them be!! I don't see how this should affect you....!! It is their lives let them do what they want with it.... I think you are the one who's snooping in things that don't concern you.... :cool:
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  10. 1776

    1776 Village Elder

    Social media is garbage. Which is why I have no account there. Instacrap, Faecesbook, Shitter.... Non of those. Apart from Google coz Gmail means every other account.
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  11. Antonio Mascaro

    Antonio Mascaro Village Elder

    Hehehehe, umenikumbusha hii
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  12. introvert

    introvert Village Sponsor

  13. introvert

    introvert Village Sponsor

    It's all fun and games until your wife finds a random ratchet taking a puckered up photo on the family bike.
  14. Batman's Sidekick

    Batman's Sidekick Village Elder

    siwezi post picture zangu social media
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  15. gikuyu

    gikuyu Senior Villager

    haha huyu fala akana ujinga sana..nam cheki kila mahali kwa photos!!
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  16. Tarantinoh

    Tarantinoh Village Elder

    Hii ni kichana ya Samuel Kimutai ya Matatu welfare association,?
  17. Afro

    Afro Village Elder

    it bores me to death when people pause for photos leaning on other people's cars that they fancy e.i in get togethers. Imagine if that photo makes rounds in social media,the strangers end up thinking the person ndiye mwenye gari and has made it in life. Where else,the real owner akionekana na hio gari it appears as if ni kuomba ameomba gari ya wenye even though he is the one who toiled for it. the hayabusa owner must have known this things very very well
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  18. old monk

    old monk Moderator Staff Member

    Myopic view
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  19. Afro

    Afro Village Elder

    Thats my observation and probably not mine alone
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  20. pseudonym

    pseudonym Village Elder

    You and me both.I only have Google and LinkedIn