MGCHIETH increasingly opting for sim 2

Several women from Mwangulu Village in Lungalunga, Kwale County have lamented that men in the area are not marrying them, and have, instead, opted for homosexual relationships.
“More and more men from our village are being introduced to homosexuality. As a result, there are few suitors available for us (women) to share,” said one of the women, who is single.
“I am getting old in my parents’ homestead. The men who are supposed to express interest in me, are marrying each other. I’m now wondering who I should turn to when I want to start a family of my own,” said another disappointed lady.
Another female resident expressed concern that the habit could spread to the younger generation, consequently causing a generational crisis.
“We are urging both levels of government to crack down on homosexual relationships in Mwangulu Village so as to save future generations,” she said.
K24 Digital has sought a comment from the County Government of Kwale.
Homosexual relationships are illegal in Kenya, punishable by 14 years in jail.