mgeni wa serikali chapter 4

t 4
Part 4 mgeni WA serikali
Woiiiiiiii what was happening . I was to enter a courtroom for the 1st time. The only mahakama I knew was vioja mahakamani ngai. I had no lawyer .
Kufika kotini the court was jammed as there was an ongoing case before ours. I got to learn the ongoing case had attracted media attention and paparazi from all media outlets were there, bloggers, youtubers like " Macharia WA Kamau TV" journalist from KTN, Kameme, radio jambo, Qtv, ntv and even international ones from Aljazeera and CNN . I felt like shouting Am innocent and divert attention to my case ,but my legs were trembling kama magoti ya mabishop WA nganga wakitolewa matuta.
The case was the famous case of mass abduction of children , kidnapping and child trafficking.
The suspects offences were read by an old judge I bet in Early 60's na kuvumba kuvumbua the judge hammer fell on the bench "38 years or a bail of 99 million each of the 5 suspects who were in their early twenties" .
Kusikia hivyo maji ikajaa kwa tumbo , magoti ikaisha grease nikaanza kuona marundurundu . was the world spinning in opposite direction ?.
The suspects waliondolewa hapo ,and the media followed them in waiting prison van together with 60% of the court attendants .
" Next"
It was me and timo on the offenders bench,
The judge read some files which were placed in his table. Akatoa glasses then stared at us as if we were planing to bomb the courtroom .
Some skinny dude read to us our offences.
"Mnamo mwezi WA pili, tarehe sita mwaka huu WA ………….mnashtakiwa kwamba bwana Macharia WA Kamau na timothy njeru mlipatikana na kosa la usumbufu na kukosesha wananchi WA Jiji la thika amani , na pia kosa la kuumiza afisa WA kitengo cha traffic uso kwa kumugonga ngumi, jeee mnajibu aje mashtaka haya".
Woiiiiii what was I supposed to say , tried to open my mouth and all I could see were 101 years in jail n hard labour na hata sijaowa .
" mshatakiwa jibu swali" the judge shouted .
"Jibu LA au NDIO." The prosecutor ordered us .
Na jee washtakiwa mtajitetea ?"
"NDIO" we answered
Timo lifted the bible and said he was just a traveller travelling to Nairobi on the said date and he never understood why he was under arrest.
As for my turn the moment I held the bible ready to say the whole truth I found my self about to say "praise God" but I got back to my senses. I told the court I have a wife with 3 kids and m the breadwinner plus I too was an innocent passerby at the scene of the arrest.
Kidogo it was the judges time to pass the judgement.
He coughed kidogo then
"Washtakiwa……………….the court finds u guilty and sentences you to 3 months in thika prison or a cashbail of 10k each "
My eyes rotated like those of a chameleon in the courtroom and maina our rescuer seemed sad , it was obvious he couldn't raise the 10 k for each of us hivyo ni sisi na serikali.
Vile tuliondolewa pale to a waiting grandtiger hata chini hatukukanyanga , my freedom nilikua naionea VIUSaSA by then .
Like terrorist suspects our next destination was Thika main prison …….
What happened ?
Stick here am cuming wacha nikunywe glass ya maji