Michael Joseph also had cancer.


Village Elder
Waangalie kiti kwa CEOs desk, inaweza kuwa imewekewa sindano ndani
Have been watching and reading alot of spy stuff of late. I am thinking:-
  1. Hacking into the car ECUs of enemies and jamming the brakes and steering as they descend Kinungi or Nithi bridge,
  2. Nerve spray on a dressing table of an ex ule alikutenda disguised as some lotion or perfume,
  3. Poisoned umbrella tip to deal with Njoro wa ngeta tao,
  4. Deadly Polonium 210 in....
  5. Ricin letter to your asshole former boss,
  6. Hotwiring the Jacuzzi of a local club popular with the people who represent the problems with Kenya,
  7. Kukumanga kwa majani ya chai ya local MCAs.