Miguna jumps on the band wagon.


Village Elder
What an irony from our africa cultural norms!
He has voiced and echoed MTOTO WA UMBWA to uhuru kenyatta.
There is a saying in kiswahili FIMBO YA MBALI HAIMUI NYOKA rings very true.


Chief village rustler
I would hate to be Dr Miguna's patient. You might get abandoned with an open abdomen on the surgical table when he finds out his assistant is Jubillee
Hii yako sasa una display ignorance. The real meaning of "mis- education of a nigger". Umekaa hivi ukaona Miguna inaweza kuwa surgeon kweli.


Village Elder
@RV Pundit, Whatever it is about Miguna why not post it here ?
Mbuzi wewe
You bring an incompete Miguna topic here and then ask people to go and Google
Kumbafu wewe, mtoto wa umbwa.

Buddy I know you since them days @rcbowen. Your soo called warriorizim has not left you yet? Kweli kenya ina watu wa marathon au covid 20 ya matusi na RV. Pundit ako kwa hio league.