Miguna VS Grand Mullah


Village Chief
Wah! To tell the truth, Miguna must be broke to have crawled back to JaKuon after two hard-hitting books on the LoP.

The appearance fees from studios have probably become his source of sustenance after the flopped gubernatorial bid, while he has no known legal work in Kenya.

What Larry Madowo did might prompt other hosts to rethink their positions on inviting the bellicose oaf into their shows. At some point the novelty and entertainment value of insults and put-downs wears off. Ask Jeff Koinange.


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I like the statement bellicose oaf. It's hilarious. But Mr Dread, for the last time, studios do not pay panelists to attend. No allowance no per diem no salo no nothing.
Take it from me.
Was about to ask him that because it was clarified here that they aren't paid to attend