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Haiya! Kwani klit huwaga nini?

Since you joined Kenyatalk you heve never mentioned a woman companion whether in the Middle East or one you left in Kenya taking care of your babies.

The only thing you have ever mentioned is that your best friend and boyfriend Wachira was caught with veve in the socks at the airport and that you were so sad and heart broken for 5 good years.

Hata picha ya mkono ya msichana with signature saying girlfriend, fiancé or wife hujawai wekelea hapa. So hii yote ni makelele.

Afadhali @uwesmake huwekelea matako zimeoza za Kenya nursing with accompanying finger salute.

In short @kush yule mnono hii yako yote ni makelele. You could be a homosexual for all we know.