Missing Persons Report: Motivational Speaker, Mad Scientist, Gourmet Chef and Tea Taster No. 1


Village Chief
Every time i think of what gio went through that day i laugh you might think am mad.
Yani jamaa alikuwa anafanya masters, ana cycle na pia madame na wife wa neighbour anakam wakunywe kahawa, ana projects na bado ni manager.
But all went down on a single shot
Gio had all the pinkies 'wetting their panties' before the big bust.
He was always the perfect gentleman.


Naona umesahau cyclist hapo na leo nimetoka kurace Gatamaiyo classic. Mbicha zitakuja @Nefertities afurahishe mecho. Na next week ni Tatu Road Race hehe. Bado tunang'ang'ana na titanium cooking pans kuangalia thermal conductivity and properties under different conditions
Niaje @Gio.
Umepotea saidi.
@introvert with all the material we have around here for ya gunia you choose to flog this dead horse?

From in the middle of the jungle kuharagraphy (@Meria Mata what was the term again) to attention seeking Usiku Sacco queens (@pseudonym and @latisha I want in) to blankets stuck on penis circumcision things (@Ice_Cube kuna kablanket pahali) and you decide that this cook waiganjo deserves a recap? Seriously?

My former Frying Squad boss,this is a let down. But what do you expect from Nairobi Frying...mediocrity at best.