MMNN: BRT is Here

BRT will not work in Kenya. Its expensive to implement and police. Imagine giving away one lane each side all over Nairobi for this buses. Will Kenya motorists accept to stay in the jam with a unused BRT lane just next there. Bodas and Matatus will be there 24/7 overwhelming policing. BRT lanes is basically reducing all roads to single carriage for a few buses. If we are to build new BRT lanes across the city the price will be $ billions. However BRT the world over has proven only to be effective at peak times during rush hours. The wise decision is to force matatus to improve capacity by replacing their current matatus and buses for this BRT buses. We can start with Buses entering CBD, stop licensing new matatus to make sure any new unit has to be this BRT buses. Force the matatu sector to reform to BRT format without dedicated lanes unless its the new road with a provision for the same. Another experience with BRT in cape town is that the rest of the day its carrying less than 10% of capacity. Instead of wasting time and money on another road transport network, let's build the tried, proven and effective commuter train service. Those BRT lanes should be commuter trains. Commuter trains have proved the world over to be the best mass transport system of any city they exist on. Let's await Nov-Dec for the commuter train service tender award on PPP. JKIA- Rironi, Ngong Road, Outer ring road, Thika road. Already the tender to convert Kenya Railways yard in Town to Nairobi Railway City project is out. Convention of the current station to be a commuter train service HQ terminal station, commercial skyscraper offices, link roads between Mombasa road - industrial area without joining Haile Selassie road, industrial land and refurbishment of Railway museum.
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Nov-Dec for the commuter train service tender award on PPP - kindly explain what this entails since i have noted some stations are almost fully refurbished /built for instance the one at Ruiru .