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  1. kitikyumu

    kitikyumu Senior Villager

    I was going through jim baraza's forum on facebook then saw this bugger who converted his toyota MR2 into a ferrari complete with logos and someone also decides to convert his nissan fuga into a vw,talkers are there legal aspects involved?i want to convert my premio into subaru wrx( i admire that beast)
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  2. Alchemist

    Alchemist Village Elder

    Ninja, owning a Premio, you ain't far from your fancy Subaru... The upgrade cost, hmmmm better buy your fancy car.
  3. kah tony

    kah tony Village Elder

    Why do't you just buy a Subaru they cost almost the same?
  4. Maraiyoiyo

    Maraiyoiyo Village Elder

    Process is very simple:
    1. Sell the Premio (has a high resale value, or so I hear)
    2. Add another Premio (in resale value terms) to buy a Subaru WRX STI.
    3. Add another Premio (in maintenance and fuel cost) to run the WRX for a year as a daily driver.

    As you can see, the above goes against the grain and reason for Existence of the Premio battalion. This demands an entire paradigm shift in philosophy and conversion from Resale-value-availability-of-parts-low-gas-mileage fanaticism to petrol head territory.

    If you can't, bandika badge, weka blinking brake lights, fart can exhaust, chrome bumpers, spades, "the-great-run" decals, pioneer speakers in the boot, and all sort of stickers and maintain the lane on the far left of the highway as real cars pass by. Post the results pale Mukuru kwa Zukabaga
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  5. kitikyumu

    kitikyumu Senior Villager

    my fren kenya is a toyota country i like the availability of spares and durability of Toyota(if i am not ill advised)...you want me to sell toyota and buy subaru?
  6. kah tony

    kah tony Village Elder

    This is you
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  7. kitikyumu

    kitikyumu Senior Villager

    first things first,is it illegal to have a car that looks different from what is in the papers?
  8. kitikyumu

    kitikyumu Senior Villager

  9. Eng'iti

    Eng'iti Village Elder

    Hii utoto jameni? uyu ni msapere shags mondo ama ni ndugu zetu Vaite?

    i saw a pic of a merc with that protruding metal grille nikakua mgonjwa
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  10. x-trail

    x-trail Village Elder

    lakini usimodify ikue kama ile premio pickup ama ilikua Carina pickup
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  11. Ubongo

    Ubongo Village Elder

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  12. Necrow

    Necrow Village Elder

    Hii shida ni common na watu hawakucheza na toys wakiwa watoto.
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  13. Dereva

    Dereva Village Elder

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  14. 123tokambio

    123tokambio Village Sponsor

    Its not as long as the engine, chasis numbers and the color is as what is indicated in the logbook, with every safety issue in check, hakuna sheria zaidi ya hapo; modify as you please....
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  15. It's Le Scumbag

    It's Le Scumbag Village Elder

    Did you read what @Maraiyoiyo wrote before posting ya answer? Here is what he wrote:
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  16. rollout

    rollout Village Elder

    No Chills right thrr.This is actually very good advice, sell the Toyota and buy the WRX.
  17. muria.mboco

    muria.mboco Village Elder

    This is @jumabekavu competition from Nunguni makueni. jamaa has made money selling ocean water to guys in the name of wizardly.
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  18. Luther12

    Luther12 Village Sponsor

    Hehe...logbook yako ina picha ya gari?:confused:
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  19. Luther12

    Luther12 Village Sponsor

    Ní ndúí wacaragia Nunguni kathee?
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  20. kitikyumu

    kitikyumu Senior Villager