Mohammed Morsi


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Kwani what did morsi do or not do to fall out with the real powers behind sissy(USA and israel)
He was a member of The Muslim Brotherhood. Look them up.

Since Morsi’s ouster, Egypt’s government has declared the Brotherhood a terrorist organization and largely crushed it with a heavy crackdown. Tens of thousands of Egyptians have been arrested since 2013, mainly Islamists but secular activists who were behind the 2011 uprising.
He had been sentenced to 20 years after being convicted of ordering Brotherhood members to break up a protest against him, resulting in deaths. An earlier death sentence was overturned. Multiple cases are still pending.
Morsi was held in a special wing in the sprawling Tora detention complex nicknamed Scorpion Prison. Rights groups say its poor conditions fall far below Egyptian and international standards.


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huyu alishindwa kuketia kiti vizuri. Sisi alimchorea pole pole ni kutwanga yeye when the time was right. It was unfortunate. Morsi trusted a snake. He wasn't the brightest guy either which was also unfortunate.

Hio kiti inatakaga ujanja.


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This idiot had to go. He was fast islamising Egypt and his Muslim brotherhood family is a radical islamist movement.
Egyptians have no time for sharia law which he wanted to introduce.
Jamaa aliingia akijipiga kifua. He believed that crap about power residing in "the people". He even had the nerve to warn Mzito Assad, telling him "your time won't be long". Hehehe, well, Assad is still in power, while some are preparing for the very important job of becoming organic fertilizer. He was an amateur who got thoroughly schooled.

Anyway, pole kwa familia ya mwenda zake, sasa kuna yapi mengine ya kusema? Tutakufa sote.


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But then if we follow the sham that is democracy, he was democratically elected.Kwani are there two versions of democracy?
There was more of a selection than an election. The overthrow of Mubarak was swift and a shocker. The Brotherhood had a hand in it and hand-picked Morsi.


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this life...

meanwhile Sissy extended his stay in power through some dubious parliamentary process. basically this is Hosni 2.2 .