Mombasani Update

Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
Four people who were involved in the witchcraft drama this morning in Mombasa arrested and taken to court. Kisauni OCPD Christopher Rotich says the suspects stage managed the incident to market their business.
The snake was taken away by Kenya Wildlife Services and will be offered stress therapy.
Two Ugandan nationals, and Catherine Omok, a Kenyan woman, choreographed the morning act, alongside the suspected thieves, so that they could use the buzz created out of the incident to advertise witchcraft services.
Police say intent was to defraud Kenyans.
Confirming the incident, Kisauni OCPD, Christopher Rotich,said the two were also arrested for illegally being in possession of a snake, which is contrary to KWS laws.
Rotich added that Catherine Omok, claiming to be the witchdoctor, said the car belonged to her, but could not provide a logbook to prove ownership

Deleted member 10628

Si uyo mgangare ange twanga OCPD na spell moja mambo shiet!
Nlijua iyo ni ufala kwanza vile wali mention the Banana republic


Village Elder
Police and law do not go along very well with witchcraft (and other mystical mysterious theories)especially where evidence is supposed to be adduced hence the easy way out...'stage managed.'