Monday Rant:- Church Scams


Monocotyledon Combuster
The more I try to look away the more religious stuff get on my nerves and want to pull out my hair. Nini husumbua Christians haki? What exactly happens when some people enter a church? Must one make a fool of himself and hibernate his/her brain akiokoka?
I ask this questions out of the observations I have had with watu wameokoka. Kama Luna watu burukenge sana then it has to be the saved guys. At least going by the number and nature of scams being run on them.
Last weekend I observed the finale of a raffle in some church where the winner had been promises a brand new probox. Before you sneer, this is a church in a rural setting where a probox puts you at the top of the dynasties so you can imagine the I tereat the raffle elicited. Sasa ngori ni kwamba siku ya raffle kuisha ilipokaribia, the church committee settled on some abandoned vehicle at a local garage that was quickly spruced up and repainted to be handed to the winner. What they will do with the money is another story that I will rant about later.
I have also observed a tendency towards grand projects financed by the sheep which projects rarely benefit them despite kubeba the heavy financial burden. My local church for example saw sheep scammed I to building a pointless perimeter wall and gate while.ushago the pastor and his development committee has scammed sheep into building a new church building na co tractor is some shadowy guy. Sad


Village Elder
All i can say is my life changed for the better when i stopped going to church.Kanisa ni scam.instead of acting up on your life and change it unaenda kulipa sadaka and pray some entity will change your life.