Mongolia & beyond


Senior Villager
Enyewe what I have learnt so far is never to despair in life. I have been in tough situations that I dint know my next move. I remember this day in oct 06 the day I landed in pudong shanghai, I was armed with a one month visa and less than 100$. Little did I know that I had been duped by an agent to go work abroad. I had paid a substantial amount to be hooked up with a job in China, now the guy who was to pick me from the airport never showed up and switched off her phone after I arrived. Bottomline I spent 3 days in the airport without food and sleeping in the benches. I finally got help from a Ghanain who took me to Guangzhou and hooked me up with a job ( zile kazi za kuload mizigo kwa container) I will forever be indebted to that guy. For the two months I stayed with him the guy never even for a day asked for a dime despite feeding and accomodating me a total stranger! I got a better job after the third month and I had to move from Guangzhou to a city called Baoding in Hebei province! At least life started getting better! I had a good salo and great job (English teacher). I used to move jobs at will. In a span of four years I had worked for about 12 schools all around China. Things started going south somewhere mid 2012. By then I was working in a city called Donguan; some Nigerian guy got into a fight with a chinese and the chink guy got stabbed to death. Now this 'oga' went missing and there was a massive manhunt in the city.. the cops would go door-door rounding up every black guy they came across! I was taken in for questioning and briefly detained for my immigration status until I bribed my way out with about 10k rmb. I fled from Donguan same day and travelled for five days by train to a city called Ulan Hot in inner Mongolia. I had a pending job offer which I started immediately after! Thats where my problems began en masse.. from a chinese girlfriend sweeping my apartment clean to regular visits by cops!! My employer started withholding my salary ....

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