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Yesterday's post on birds was amazing. Dope comments that kept me happy all day. Today i share more birds. Lets know our East African birds by names.

And if you are interested to join us next sato for a birding experience at Lake Magadi inbox me.
Lake Magadi is a birds watchers paradise
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Link to yesterdays post

Lilac Brested Roller - And by the way this is Kenya's official bird. I have been able to spot it in the Masai Mara
Samburu National Reserve, Meru National Park, Tsavo and Amboseli among other places.
Photo by Michael L. Markussen

Ground Horn Bill - Masai mara national reserve
Photo Credits: Denis M Gitonga (Forgive quality :D:D)
Secretary bird - Amboseli
Photo Credits: Denis M Gitonga

Tawny Eagle - Amboseli
Photo Credits: Denis M Gitonga

Yesterday someone challenged me to name them in local language a challenge I accepted and i am working on

Lemmi know how you call these birds in your language in the comment session. Na wale walikuwa wanakula mniambie zile mlikuwa mnakula mki grow

1561000953126.png DSCN9999.JPG DSCN1617.JPG

1561000953126.png DSCN9999.JPG
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