More pain for Thika Road pedestrians as KeNHA waits for footbridges from China.

Meria Mata

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Pedestrians along the Thika superhighway will have to wait until August to get more footbridges installed.
Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has admitted of delays in the importation of Sh 800 million from China, blaming a slower pre-export inspection for the delay in shipping the metal structures.
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The authority now says they expect these structures will arrive later this month and be installed in August after their officials inspected the footbridges in China and ready for dispatch.
“We are already making the slabs ready so that once they arrive, we will just need two weeks to fix them and open for use,” explained Director-General Peter Mundinia.
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Plans to install these footbridges have been on the cards since August 2017 amid questions on when Kenya opted to build the bridges in China.


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Kenha are incompetent body, just check along outering rd, the number of businesses operating under these briddes messing with human traffic, and most have not been completed two years on,.no roofing no lighting.
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We saw the Chinese construct all the footbridges on Thika Superhighway from Ngara to castle and we still do not have the techniques to fabricate the metal structures. I have seen Steel Structures Ltd make amazing buildings using steel. They certainly can do the foot bridges. Hapa ni mambo na tenders na kick-backs inasema.
This are pure lies..... we have the required technologies locally when it comes to fabrication of such lasting structures. The only impediment being the materials grade which again can be acquired through importation. We have companies such as Southern Engineering in Mombasa carrying out construction of ships, Ooooh and for your information, H-Young & Company is the one that constructed those footbridges you see on Mombasa Road. So yes, let's not be given stupid excuses on why we cannot do it locally~!