Most gym guys are pu**y-whipped

i admit things could have escalated, real fast. my point is, the chic disrespected the swole guy, the other dude's actions are beside the point. only guys who prioritize orgasm over self-respect would cut the guy and his chick some slack!
Dude...Am 94kgs but my body has never given me the courage to engage in fights...I always think the next guy would knock me out if we started one.
I will avoid someone like you in a fight and engage diplomacy. From my experience many quiet fellas huwa deadly sana. The reverse is true. The more someone is ready for a fight the more likely he'll be get a beat down.

People who actually know how to fight i.e boxing know the real consequences they can inflict on someone in a street fight.They know people can get hurt badly in a matter of seconds so they usually avoid fights when necessary. Wale wasee hawajui fights and the implications ndio huwa kiherehere and most of the time huwa wanachapwa.


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Beta male ata heri uliacha kuinua chuma.[/QUOT

Unasound kama wale maweida tunaonanga bila meno ya mbele na jicho moja karithongo. Who told you every confrontation must end up in a fist fight. Bottles do fly and end up landing on a flexing ninjas face. Next minute we are rushing them to the hospital on their way to morgue.


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So I am at the counter drinking. Beside me is a really swole guy and his girlfriend. Then comes another dude; orders a drink and proceeds to pay via phone. The guy's girlfriend knocks the dude's phone off, accusing him of 'infringing' on her space. The dude orders her to pick it up but she refuses. The swole guy ends up picking it up and apologizing profusely to her as he gets accused of not coming to her defense. I was gutted! Ended up buying the dude a drink just for standing his ground as skinny as he was! Gym doesn't make you Alpha.
What is alpha? Just stare a dog down and now all of a sudden you are alpha? "Let you and him fight", wewe utaanza tu vita sio?
That swole guy is just wise. He new how to manage the situation. These bars serve all kinds of mad people. Its best to avoid unnecessary fights. They add no value. This is the reason I don't go to bars that patron young people. They swing their balls looking for fights. It soothes their egos but they rarely know the potential implications for their fights. Wacha nikunywe Balozi yangu na amani.
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