Mother abandons child

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Senior Villager
A 55 year old woman is taking
care of a two week old baby until
police officers from Mukurwe-ini
Police Station get an orphanage
for him after his mother
abandoned him in a matatu .
Agnes Wangui was travelling to
Nairobi with a woman and
somewhere along the way, the
matatu stopped so that people
would relieve themselves and the
baby’s mother asked her to hold
the baby for a while as she went
for a short call.
Everyone came back to the
matatu except her and after close
to 20 minutes of searching, she
knew the woman had abandoned
the baby. She alighted at
Mukurwe-ini Police Station and
reported the incident before
proceeding with the newborn to
her home.
Mukurwe-ini OCPD, Beatrice
Kimoning, said that a manhunt
for the mother is underway and
that they have applied for a court
order to take the baby to an
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