Moving on


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After I parted ways with Crystal I knew I had lifted a huge load and it felt awesome no girlfriend shit anymore. With recent shuffling of departments in the company where I work I found myself being surrounded by some new faces which was a good thing as it reduces boredom and encourages exchange of ideas to work with. In the wake of shuffling there was this fine ghel chocolate in complexion, a lttle taller than me with a fine ass. Damn this chic could get it. At first I didn't wanna seem like a hungry hyena and so I didn't approach her immediately. After two days she came to consult how to go through a certain process and I being retained in the same department; I knew the process and I showed her how its done. That was the first day we talked after which we introduced each other, "Hey, am Leon". " That's cool, I am bernice, guess we will be working hand in hand". "Yea sure".

I went home a happy man. From my judgement I saw I could get it but I would be slow with her lest she distinguishes me as a Fisi. Some guys were also interested in her but she didn't give a crap about. Our team leader had gone to Mombasa for a workshop and so being the only one who knows how things are done in the department I was chosen to be the acting team leader and it felt great. I ensured everyone got the process of doing things in the department. Bernice would come to me regularly, I would help her, get to talk and I actually liked her company so much and I can say we hit it off very well. One evening she texted me " Hey Leon, I think I gotta thank you; you have been of great help to me and if it wasn't you I would be in a mess". I replied "Its fine, you are a great colleague, you are a hard worker keep it up".

Upto that point our conversations were about basic stuff about work. Didn't want to throw in love stories so as not to be seen to be desperate. Sometimes last week Crystal sent me a lot of texts saying how sorry she was for what she did to me telling me to thinker's about it, I told her I have nothing against but we won't get back together. Suddenly I heard " Having girlfriend troubles? " It was Bernice and she had been staring at my entire conversation as she had entered using the back door of the office and I didn't notice her enter. "Uuuuummm NO everything's fine", " Leon I know everything's not okay, wanna talk about it?". I told her "I don't think that's a good idea to talk about my ex, its a long story and I want time to heal", She them pat her hand on my shoulder rubbing them " Hey you can trust me". She rubbed my shoulder till I got a boner that hand was so soft damn. Then thoughts started coming to me 'Does she like me? Is she interested in me?' but then I didn't go to that. I told her about my relationship with Crystal and how we broke up. She then told me "Hey Leon cheer up don't be sad we all get hurt in relationships but then we push on with life, don't let that bring you down okay?". " Okay Bee (the name i like calling her) am fine". She went on "am sure you will find a great woman, a woman who understands, a woman who loves and cares for you", at that moment I hit the jackpot " A woman like you?" She was speechless and on that point she was like "I think I need to finish the report", and left me hanging which showed she either liked me but was hesitant to admit it or she didn't like me at all and didn't want to make me feel bad either way the cards didn't play to my favour.


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What did you expect? Her to jump on to your lap and tell you that she wants to get into a relationship with you? What happened to closing the distance first before pouncing. Ungempeleka out over the weekend then see what follows.


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Mjamaa, ulifungua roho mapema sana. Typical weakness. You freaked the lady out. Jaribu kumrushia mahindi kama kuku uone kama atajileta. Suggest a date na usimpush sana, ataona we ni despa ju kwanza ukona mahangie za ex. Else hii ni friendzone inaload mamen. Na mko same department hehe
The much you run away from poverty it will find you in its ways! Face your fears.
If you doubt me ,look for the ugliest rich guy you know and ask him if he's ever heard this words, and from how you write I can tell you are a very handsome guy so najua sio looks. Ama personality. Tafuta doh buda. She will take you back and even give you a written apology