MPs debate bills that could change how Kenya Defence Forces works

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I need msalame views hapa;
Members of the National Assembly will this afternoon debate two bills whose provisions could have far-reaching implications in the operations of the military. The Kenya Regiment (Territorial Force) (Repeal) Bill 2015 will be seeking to discard archaic colonial military laws, which are paradoxically captured under the "modern" Kenya Defence Forces (Amendment) Bill 2015.
For example, in both cases, the army can be deployed to create 'order' among civilian populations. This is one of the issues that have raised temperatures, with some politicians, especially from the Opposition, insisting the army should not depart from its traditional role of safeguarding the country's borders.

"The President may in situations of emergency or disaster or during war, unrest, or disaster, order that the auxiliary forces comprising forest guards and NYS be employed to serve with KDF or otherwise in the defence of the nation whether within or outside," reads the KDF Amendment Bill. The 'archaic' Act that the House now wants to discard has a similar provision where the colonial Defence Council could order the army out into civilian populations as the British government sought to enforce its policies. The Act is a carryover from 1937, a time when the colonial government needed legislation to keep Africans in check.


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Problem with Kenyan Politicians is they make laws for specific individuals with the next election goal. Both Jubilee and Cord MPs will be debating on this with 2017 in mind, nobody is thinking beyond 2017.
The day our politicians will think beyond the next elections will be the day Kenya will be reborn. I think the same should apply to all of us not just the politicians


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These fellas we elect are only there to serve their interests not ours. We are the bosses when we elect them but servants when they get to office. If only they'd think about the implications of their decisions on the Kenyans, they would be careful with the bills and words flying outta their mouths. However, when picking recruits, some of the criteria KDF uses are plain ridiculous. That should be debated too.
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Well, the UK has the Territorial Army

The US the National Guard Bureau that is air and army reserve
And the Coast Guard...

These organisations began as militia and are charged with the homeland defence of the aforementioned states and act as reserve forces for the regular forces except coast guard which will remain distinct from the US navy even in times of war though they will serve together

Now France has the gendarmerie national

Italy the Carabinieri

Poland the Zandarmeria WojskowaŻandarmeria_Wojskowa

Spain the Guardia Civil

These are branches of the military charged with public safety and security and are home to some special forces units (GIGN in the case of France)

Here we have the AP's, GSU, KWS, and KFS. Why not form a gendarmerie out of these organisations and leave the boys in blue to do the general police work and The KDF to what they are trained to do so when shit hits the fan call on these organisations depending on the situation at hand?

Like someone said up here, politicians are fucked up
as at now no one has seen that KDF bill...the drafting has been very secret...even the AG has said he had nothing to do with it...the parent ministry ie Ministry of Defence is the one supposed to come up with policy issues...pia hao they are tight lipped about the bill...labda it has been drafted by KDF themselves..let it be tabled in the house...then it will be made public..sahii all that is out there is speculation...lakini in kenya ukiskia speculation be very scared..because a monster is coming worse than what u had speculated
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