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contracted gonorrhea once, pubic lice once (“tractors”), & and a nasty fungal skin infection called dermatitis, once. And mind you, I contracted all three from “decent” ladies! The gonorrhea saga is the one I recall with some semi-fondness / semi-nostalgia below;

I got it from a college classmate back in the eighties. She was one of these babes who knew how to balance her academics and social life rather well. She didn’t indulge in either too much. John F. Kennedy was once described as having “a large social agenda”. This babe “X” had “a rather balanced social & academic agenda”. It was actually a “quickie”. It was second semester of third year, and we just been paid our student allowances i.e. “boom”. Since we were “Tired Third Years” (TTYs), as the phrase to describe us back then was, the “feel good” was toned down to a couple of beers and “nyama choma” at the students centre. Guys were mingling freely, the atmosphere was cheerful, and I ended up being in the crowd that she was in. The whole gathering broke up early and “X” suggested she pass through my room and collect some notes of a lecture she had missed. My roommate remained behind at the students centre with a couple of other guys and babes.

We had both been drinking and events unfolded rather fast in my room when we got there! I can’t remember the exact sequence, but we were both horny and hot! There’s a quickie scene in the 1978 movie “The Betsy”. There’s also a quickie scene in the 1987 movie “Fatal Attraction”. There’s also a quickie scene in the 1995 movie “Devil in a Blue Dress”. “X’s” and mine was kinda a mixture of all three i.e. sweet, hot, intense, stormy & passionate. We didn’t remove our clothes, just the essentials! We didn’t even lock the door! Would you believe it? We weren’t caught, but she didn’t collect any notes at all and I escorted her to the women’s hostels (“Box”), after this! After three days bwana, I felt this burning piercing sensation when I went to pee! Bwana, it’s like razor blades are in your pee, as it comes down the urinal tract! I almost screamed, man! There was also a yellow discharge after I had finished peeing.

Just about every high school in Kenya has an “across” i.e. where guys go to hang-out, booze, and for “short time”. I wasn’t a “fan” of “across” in school, but I immediately remembered how back in our school days, certain guys would complain about “burning sensations” when peeing. This would normally be after they had been “across”. I instinctively knew I had the “clap” i.e. gonorrhea, “kaswende” in Kiswahili. I didn’t waste time, though. I missed lectures t
"MY GOD, YOU'RE MASTERBATING IN MY BATHROOM!" "SHIT, I AM SO SORRY," I shouted quickly as I was caught. I felt bad about what I was doing, and now I got caught doing it. My heart was pounding with the promise of her telling my parents about my sexual escape in Ms. Jackson's bathroom. "Cant you do that in he privacy of your own home, Joseph" She said while still staring at my face. She stepped back away from my body, and looked straight at my fully aroused penis. At this time I was looking on the floor for my clothes. Ms. Jackson looked shocked when she saw how erect my cock was. She reached out with her left hand and grabbed a hold of my shaft, and looked me right in the face again. "With a penis like this you should be having sex with girls, not jerking off with my panties in my house" "Don't you have a girlfriend, who can help with this?" She still did not let go of my cock as she was talking to me. I could feel the precum coming out of my d*ck at this point.

I stuttered, "No, I don't have a girlfriend. Guess I will go home now, I am so sorry about what happened." "Joseph, are you about to cum?" She said almost worried that I was going to make a mess in her bathroom.

I barely uttered out a "Yes" When I felt more precum dripping out of my cock onto her hand.

"Well, if you need to cum that badly let me help you."

"I don't think this is a good idea Ms. Jackson." "Don't worry Joseph, I use to have to help Frank with his problem all the time, besides I would kill you if you make a mess in my new bathroom."

She still held my cock with a firm grip, as she reached over and grabbed some tissues. I was still dumfounded at the fact Ms Jackson use to help her son Frank jerk off and now was going to help me. She grabbed a bunch of tissues and started slowly jerking my cock up and down. I could feel that her hand lighten up on my d*ck, as she jerked it. Her hands were so soft and gentle; I was imagining them as a tight pu**y.

"With a penis like this, you should have a bunch of girls chasing you. Its ok if you don't though. My son had the same problem around girls. I would always have to help him masturbate."

"You must be at least eight inches or better, Joseph"

I was shocked by what Ms. Jackson did to her son, but I kept on staring at her chest, as she worked her hand over my now pulsing d*ck. Now I knew why Frank never left his house. She could not keep her eyes off my cock as she worked on my erection. Her whole body was slightly bent over as she was looking right at it, almost wanting to get a closer look at it.

At this point, she kneeled down in front of me so she could get in a better position. There she was tissue in one hand, my cock in another. I was trying to hold back my orgasm as much as possible so this moment would never stop. The feeling of her hand on my d*ck was good; I felt I could cum at any moment. I knew she was wondering why it was taking me so long to cum. She was jerking me my manhood, then used her other hand to cup my balls. She gently squeezed them as she pounded her hand on my prick. While she stroked my member all that was coming out was precum.

She looked right at me when she said, " This is taking too long, are you holding back on me."

She dropped her head back down and took a good look at my cock. She slowly brought her head closer and opened her mouth. I felt a warm wet sensation all over my cock as she engulfed my d*ck into her mouth. "Ms. Jackson, that feels so good don't stop." I said mumbling. I lowered my hands around the back of her head and gently pushed her closer to my body. "YOURMOUTH FEELS SO GOOD!" She was bobbing up and down on my d*ck so fast; I no longer needed to push her head closer. I could feel her saliva drip down all over my legs and balls. Her mouth was making such a sucking sound around my cock. Between strokes her tongue would lick the underside of my d*ck. I had never had a blowjob like this one. Her mouth was pouncing against my cock so hard my balls were now slapping against her chin. She took my cock all the way in her mouth with every stroke she made.
I was about to cum she pulled away from my cock.

Her whole mouth was covered in saliva. It was dripping down her chin onto the floor in globs "Let me know when your gonna cum, ok." She said while holding the tissues close ready to catch all of my spunk. Just as she brought her head closer and opened her mouth around my d*ck, I exploded. Her mouth was almost halfway down my shaft when I gushed my sperm into her mouth. I felt my whole body pulse as I came into her unsuspecting mouth. She pulled away off my d*ck, and it was running down out of her mouth. The sides of her mouth were pouring cum out.

I heard her swallow some of the reaming cum in her mouth so she could speak "YOU BASTARD, I told you to let me know when you were going to cum!"

My cock was still releasing cum as she pulled away. "I am so sorry, Ms. Jackson I could not help it."

She used the tissues in her hand to wipe her face, while she stood back up. As soon as she finished wiping her mouth she lifted her dress up and sat on the counter. She was wearing no panties and her pu**y was gleaming with cum. I could not help but stare at her glistening vagina.

"Come over here and help me cum now." She said with a firm voice.

I knelt down in front of her and put my head between her legs. I started out just licking her clit in small circles. She then placed her hand on the back of my head and pushed my face in her twat. I could taste all of her wetness on my tongue. As I probed her hole with my tongue I could feel her cum again as her pu**y clenched down on my tongue.

"You're eating my pu**y so good, don't stop Joseph." She moaned. As her hand was still holding my head in place.

I kept swirling my tongue over her clit as she came on my tongue again. My whole face was covered in her juices, as I was forced to eat her sloppy cunt. I could feel that I was hard again. I felt my balls needing release again.

When she let go of my head I stood back up, and was still sitting on the counter with her legs wide open when she said. "Go put on a condom and f**k me." I did not know what to do next, wipe my face or find a condom.

"I don't have any on me, do you have any?" I was worried it would end there because I did not have any condoms.

"I don't have any either, that means you have to pull out, ok?"

I stepped forward and placed my d*ck between her legs, and looked right in her eyes. She was smiling, as I was about to put my manhood in her ready twat. Right when I was about to slide it in she said softly "Go easy at first, it's been awhile." I just smiled in acknowledgement.

I eased my d*ck between her pu**y lips as her wetness made it easy. My cock just slipped right in. I could see her mouth open in joy as I buried my shaft all the way in her. My hips just took over as my body gyrated back and forth. I was going slowly at first but I soon was going in and out of her as quickly as possible. Her cunt was so wet my cock was almost sliding out of her.

"Jesus your cock is so fucking good Joseph." She responded to my deep thrusts into her body. I could feel her pu**y clench down around my cock as she came over and over. The sound of my wet balls slapping against her ass was filling the room.

"Your pu**y feels so good." I moaned out as my body kept on moving at a blistering pace. I knew I could cum at any moment, but I was trying to hold back to savor the moment.

As I was pushing my cock deep into her I knew I could not last long. I was going to give her one final thrust into her then pull out. As I slid my cock deep into her, I felt cum go through my shaft and erupt into her with great force. I went into a zombie like trance as my body froze as I gushed all my sperm deep inside of her womb. My mouth was wide open in shock, as I knew she did not want me to cum inside of her. I saw the expression on her face as she felt all my sperm rush inside of her. Her face was flushed with excitement, and anger. "YOU ASSHOLE!"

She pushed my body off of her and I saw my sperm start to drip out of her cunt. "I told you not to cum inside of me." She grabbed the tissues
side and tried to catch my cum that was dripping out of her twat. She stood up still holding the tissues between her legs and looked at me with an expression of disbelief. "Next time you do that I will make you eat it out of me."