Msito Kanyari


Village Elder
A newly commissioned officer joins the MGTOW battalion....

"I don't know why Betty keeps on speaking about my relationship with her, yet she had other relationship(s) before me."

"She should not be worried that I may appear and fight for love. I am a good man and I don't fight for love," Kanyari said.

"I have never been with a person I loved that much to make me fight for her to love me. When we separated, it's a decision we made so I cannot go back to her," he said.

"Ukiachwa achika. Otherwise, depression is there. If she was not your destiny, then let her go and stop begging for their love. If she stays, it's okay," he said.
Inakaa Betty alingoja Kanyari aongee in public wakuwe na spat kumbe nigga is beyond that. Kile imemhurt ni kuona nigga is flourishing after kumuacha.
I think him and Pastor Nganga WA Neno wametoana far. After the exposee by Mohammed Ali, Betty alijitoa na kusema whatever has been cursed she wasn't to be part of it. Nganga alimpea soft landing. Aligawanya side moja ya jondoo za kanisa akawaambia kutoka Leo nyinyi ni WA Kanyare. Mbona hakuwa analialia ile time alikuwabandriviwa na white Mercedes akipokea proceedings za seed money