Mtoto azaliwa ndani ya Ferry MV Jambo


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These guys surrounding the guy wearing specs ni jamaa wa Reach Out, those guys who attempt to rehabilitate matejas and also distribute needles to intravenous drug users, mateja wa kujidunga huko kwa mabase zao Magodoroni in Kisauni, Railways etc.

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Kuna day I was on a Double M izi commuter train on my way to the "hairport" as the lady sitted next to me was calling it then tukafika hapo landhies na ile jam ya 3 hapo Naccico, kuna wamama walikua same surround one of their own na ma lesso luckily sisi tulikua na birds view, the scene turned to a theatre mara moja na mtoto kazaliwa majama walianza kumpea Jina on the spot.. I guess the name stuck it was landhies

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@Luther12 who was on his way to Diani for a medical conference saw the passengers gather around a tuktuk and someone then shouted we need a doctor here, he swung into action and a few minutes later he helped deliver a bouncing baby girl.
Patieni mtoto jina
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Official names aitwe Bajaj jambo. Nick name aitwe little Miss Diani