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  1. Mathaais

    Mathaais Village Sponsor

    Is this true? Don't kill me am only a messenger.

  2. Electronics4u

    Electronics4u Village Elder Staff Member

  3. Ubongo

    Ubongo Village Elder

    Link ni muhimu, tungojee tuskie
  4. Touchlyrics

    Touchlyrics Village Elder

    Inakaa tu fake!

    Jubilee spin doctors should know these politicians resign through press briefings!

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  5. Nattydread

    Nattydread Village Sponsor

    If Hassan Omar was real, this too could be.

    Saa ki-Phandom mbona kimechelewa hivi? All the time he was being used a JaKuon' mouthpiece, he did it without blinking or showing a sliver of shame...

    Celebrations in Kisumu as Mudavadi tells IEBC to declare Raila as President

    Lakini, his signature is one of those underneath Wanjigi's extortive manifesto. Resignation does not absolve him when it comes to paying up. Same applies to the others.
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  6. mukuna

    mukuna Village Elder

    hassan omar?
  7. Randy

    Randy Village Elder

  8. pseudonym

    pseudonym Village Elder

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  9. Kryptonite

    Kryptonite Village Elder

    I hope sio fake news:oops:
  10. Kenyan Troll

    Kenyan Troll Village Elder

    Wacha niwache hii comment hapa tu... :D:D:D
  11. roch

    roch Village Elder

    I hope it's fake because somebody might commit suicide
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  12. Gaza

    Gaza Village Elder

  13. Kaffir

    Kaffir Village Elder

    Faker than a prostitutes mourn
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  14. dungaa unusee

    dungaa unusee Senior Villager

  15. Saintonthebeathoe

    Saintonthebeathoe Village Elder

  16. mayekeke

    mayekeke Village Elder

    Most probably fake, he was tweeting pro-NASA stuff a few hours ago.

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  17. karema-hitI

    karema-hitI Village Elder

    Sasa imebaki tu joshua ku decamp akuje jupilee.
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  18. Budspencer

    Budspencer Village Elder

    Whether fake or not team RWNEEEBP we dont care. Tuko sawa vile tuko. In fact i wish Munya, Katumbo and Omar would return kwa babuon tuwanyoe round two bila kuwawekea cut
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  19. culture

    culture Village Elder

  20. pamba

    pamba Village Sponsor

    Mathais of all the people you let them pull you down with fake news ,hehehe siasa haitambui intelligence nimekubali