Mugithi lay

Last week Sato, i happened to unwind myself in some undisclosed location. The EPL timelines were perfect for an outing with the boys. First it was Arsenal Vs Tottenham, then Chelsea Vs Another Team and finally Manchester United Vs Newcastle. Not that I give so much shit about soccer. But hey! I needed some company. All the team won. Since my buddies support these three teams, beer was flowing like a river so by the time game ya Man Utd ilikuwa inaisha, we were as high as a kite.
Mimi ndio huyooooo, mpaka dance floor coz by then, the one man guitarist alikuwa ameshika momentum.
There was song that excited the crowds so far but I only got the chorus:
Niukuiganira Bahasha,....Niukuiganira bahasha i wee! Umenye mwana ari ruo...(something like kutoshea kwa bahasha ndio ujue kulea ni kazi)
Anywho I didnt give a *** about anyone toshearing kwa bahasha coz by then, a lady size ya momo zile za @uwesmake lakini kamidget kidogo kalikuwa kananitingizia kuona like seriously. I had an instant boner!
Kidogo kidogo kakanishow ati wacha kaende kwa table kameze hio guarana kanarudi. I told her ni sawa.
She went and sat next to some dude who was half asleep due to intoxication.
After 10 minutes juu mugithi bado ilikuwa inashika, kakarudi kwa dance floor. Mimi huyoo nikafuata hiyo kunguru mpaka kwa dance floor.
By then the floor is overflowing with intoxicated revelers dancing the night away.
Funda si @Ka-Buda nikaskuma mpaka katikati ya dancing crowd na kuanza kukashikashika. One eye is on her while the other eye in on the drunken sponsor or husband.
She did not resist my moves mpaka kumassage ikus as we danced.
Time was not on my side, so nikaomba vitu. Weee! She retorted. Si unaona mzee amerara pare?
"No issue". I assured her. "Ni kamoja tu kale ka kusimama".
'Basi jipange halaka kabla kiamke" She told me.
Wah, I could not believe it. Somebody's wife has agreed to a one night stand?
Ndio huyo mimi mpaka kwa counter. Grabbed one CD (while still checking out the drunkard geezer).
She went to the sponsor, akamshikashika kidogo halafu whispered something to his ear. The poor dude continued with his slumber.
The hotel next door had some rooms, so I went paid for one and without wasting time mimi huyo nikafikisha a mini threshold.:D
After some 10 minutes tukarudi kwa dance floor and danced away, the dude was still asleep. The lady akatulia na akaenda kukaa na yeye.
I went back to my boys who did notice I had gone for that long.
And yes, it was someone else's wife who i did not not even get to know their name.
#Chungeni mabibi zenu.
Hii fombe tamalisa mimi siku moja.


Village Chief
Is Luis Suarez the biggest con in modern football history.
1.Luis Suarez knocked Ghana out of the world cup in South Africa by stopping Asamoah Gyan's goal bound shot with his hand.
He was red carded but his Uruguayan goal keeper saved the resultant penalty awarded and Ghana were knocked out of the world cup.
Suarez was captured on camera celebrating wildly the penalty miss.
2.Luis Suarez later in the 2014 world cup bit Giorgio Chiellini as Uruguay was playing Italy who subsequently lost the game and were bundled.

Still looking for more Suarez infamy, will be back in a while.