Mulika Mwizi Wa Simu

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One @Bertha Nyar Lumumba, makes a date to meet a lady selling some catalogue merchandise, She gives description of herself as apparently, she lost her phone for the lady to meet her up at the Ambassador Hotel.

So, the lady is accompanied with a friend. In the process of all the chatting and all, she asks to borrow the lady's phone as obviously she hasnt one herself, having said she had lost it the previous night.

Saasaa, since the lady is bila credo, they let her borrow her friends. In the process, the lady whose phone Nyar Lumumba is using husband pops in , so in that process Nyar Lumumba moves kando while still on the phone. They think nothing much of it, seconds later she is out of sight , half an hour later.. its a different story altogether. Phone plus Nyar Lumumba are nowhere to be found.

Phone is gone, she is left holding the bill, no business done, A Friday well ruined.

Do you know this low life daughter of a woman! Beware , online traders the more !!

Look at that face and if you happen to know her please ask she does the next best thing na arudishe tu simu, roho safi, Stealing of any form , gender not withstanding is abominable,
A woman thief , stealing from a fellow hustling * woman is inconceivable .

Her Facebook page:

IMG_20150516_105643.JPG IMG_20150516_105657.JPG mu.jpg muli.jpg
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