Mumekubali hii mawaidha ama ni takartakar


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Sio upuss,I read somewhere men are can see in that convo they are saying tf,a table?if never been born?'s because of logical reasoning.

The answer is yes because to the woman it's not about logic but how it will make her feel
You is trying to rationalise stupidity..... we used used to ask such ridiculous questions in lower primary.


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Sometimes you niggas are just stupid and overreacting for no reason at all. This is the kind of questions a teenage girl who's truly in love with you asks, and as usual you give wrong answers.
true for teenagers ni sawa, a teenage girl asking a teenage boy that question is o.k., but a grown ass woman ni straight upus, hata hiyo ya " a.m. I fat?" deserves a straight up answer yes or if you're polite you tell her she needs to reduce.