@Mundu Mulosi, old men in yr village are bn sodomized by young men

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What is the world turning to? A 23 year old man is in police custody in Kakamega after allegedly sodomizing a forty seven year old man. Kenneth Sijikha is said to have accosted the man together with others after attending a funeral service at night. In Luhya matangas people normally drink changaa / busaa till the late night hours or hadi chee asubuhi..they call it kesha..now this Atwoli & company waited for mzee to leave akiwa mlevi and then pounced on him kwa shamba ya mahindi and did the beastly act to him... Sad jus Sad

Mundu Mulosi

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How many times shall I tell people I don't come from Kakamega??? I come from Bungoma, together with Uwesmake and Pamba, tunajilikana kwa kukamua Momo, si rasa za watu. On the other hand, @Atwoli comes from Kakamega County.


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i dnt get it how do u get aroused by the sight of another mans back yuck hizi pombe mnakunywa zinawapeleka mbaya, fangi has nthin to do with this nimekumuta mingi sana nasijawai penda mgongo in my high state lol busaa na changaa hatari
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