munyua watitu the kadinya!

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Kwanza iko wengi kama yeye, such cases huwekwa chini ya maji.
Very very true, these leaders are sex thirsty mofos and kula anything in a skirt. Ask those close to sonko why he has a shower/bafu in his office @KICC. This nyangau sonko kulas eastlando wanawake like a nonsense. Another kadinya leader is Mombasa Governor Joho. Yall heard about the plight of bodyguards who protect these guys, the BGs do all the kazi ya mikono. A leader may park his car in a stragic place say near a college institution. He will hide behind the tinted windows of his car while he samples gals leaving college. akiona kitu inamfurahisha he tells the BG nani nataka hio itu imevaa jeans ya white na top ya pink..BG huyo mbio and approaches the gal...."madam, unaona hio mercedez pale...ehe kuna mtu hapo anataka kukuongelesha"...We all know what our money thirsty gals reaction will be when they seize such an opportunity. FFWD..body guard nje ya mlango ya lodging as leader is busy panting over some 18 or 19y.o damsel..alafu baadaye kanampea 5K and numbers exchanged kama alikuwa mtamu for future sexipodes
If you are one of the dudes who classifies this chic as a DFHKMBL material, then I feel for you for your lack of taste. Sorry to say, but you guys can dip your starved d!cks inside a pile of fresh human shit- just to cum, coz of the warmth. No taste at all, bure kabisa....
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