Murkomen to become Saint after donation ( DP very Happy)

Mr K-talk news anchor @digi ... Let me begin by giving a pat on the shoulder for job well done... I don't know what happened when you were covering OCS Ragira murder saga... Or you didn't manage to lay hands on a helmet your size to cover your head from rockets? Any way I'm still waiting to see your promised photos of the event :D:D:D

Back to the topic: What do you expect from WSR carpet & towels economic advisory team.... this is typical Jubillee development record growing list of achievements
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But mheshimiwa ashalipa 18M
It's clear now what it means to be a Kalejinga, and as it's characteristic of monkeys, probably they are now somewhere in a remote bush rehearsing a song in praise of Murkofuck for generously donating comps: hardly realizing that their sons' and daughters classrooms are being converted to electronic junk yard even before the completion of covering the dams with towels: Halafu monkeys zingine zimejaa vitisho "Lowe liwalo "

Ati dotcom government na wanaiba ki-analog :meffi::meffi::meffi:
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