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The shilling could touch 107 against the dollar by the end of 2016, as the demand for the greenback from importers continues to grow, an analyst at Citi Bank has said.

Citi Bank chief Africa economist David Cowan, however, has urged policymakers to focus on making the unit more predictable.

“A lot of African countries have this thing like the Kenyan shilling should not cross 100. Investors are interested in exchange rate predictability and not nominal stability,” Mr Cowan said during a presentation on East African and Kenyan economic trends in Nairobi on Tuesday.

The local currency will come under pressure in the last half of this year to close the year at 103 against the dollar, he added.


Village Frog
music to your ears eh? spoken like a true insert-coin-here-activist
the rest of the country is getting shafted nkt. kwanza 14th is almost here.............
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